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Sub Denizen

I compose and perform experimental electronic music under the alias Sub Denizen, drawing inspiration from my history drumming  in metal bands and a teenage love for drum & bass and breakcore amongst other things. My debut album Ad Nauseam was self released on 18th December 2019 and is available from my bandcamp


I use pseudo-algorithmic techniques to compose my drum parts, as being a drummer has created an intense hatred for MIDI sequencing my rhythmic sections. I create large percussion 'systems' in Ableton that utilise many different time signatures and tempos to create evolving rhythmic textures.  My melodic and ambient parts are often microtonal, which is again a relic of listening to the dissonant 'harmonies' ubiquitous in death metal.


In my live performances I also employ a visual element, attempting to convey a cryptic narrative as to the personal meanings behind the music I compose. I have performed at venues in London and Berlin, and will actively begin looking for more opportunites to perform post COVID-19.

Please use contact form for booking queries.

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